The dictionary definition of an oases is “a small fertile or green area in a desert region, usually having a spring or well”; or “something serving as a refuge, relief or pleasant change from what is usual, annoying, difficult etc.”.

Plants, even in containers always make a difference in any location. There is a huge difference between a home that has plants and one that doesn’t.

Everybody deserves a nice garden. Your garden may be your balcony (if for instance you live in a block of flats), or it may be an assortment of pots because you are renting and the entire site is paved. Arranging potted plants tastefully in your front or rear entrance can create visual relief.

Imagine visiting a garden nursery with a friend who wanted to add some exotic plants to her garden. You are not particularly interested in plants, but you get involved and buy two orchids. You hang them outside the entrance to your apartment, and because they grow slowly, the initial euphoria of having them wears off and you sometimes forget that they are there.

However, on this day, you had a really frustrating day in the office. To make matters worse, the traffic to get home was terrible. Finally, you get home.  As you are about to enter your apartment, you look up and your orchids are flowering. You smile.

You stay there for a few seconds admiring the beautiful flowers, and in that moment, all the stresses of the day disappear. The entrance of your apartment becomes your oases.