A lush lawn with axonoppus compressus grass sprigs commonly called shade or water grass. It has very shallow roots and requires regular watering.

Phew! The dry season is finally coming to an end. It’s rained a few times in Lagos. A welcome relief! For a lot of people who have water issues, this is the right time to start paying attention to the garden.
Even if you don’t have water issues, we have a saying in Omar gardens that there is nothing like when God waters His own earth.
This season is for everyone – From the container gardener whose oases is her balcony or entrance porch, to the avid gardener that has it all: Lush lawn, containers, exotic plants.
Whichever stage of gardening you’re at, this is the time to inspect your garden or motley collection of plants critically, to note what needs to be done.
Plants in containers may have become potbound and may need to be shared to encourage healthy growth. This is a good way to exchange plants with friends thereby increasing your own collection.
To preserve the plant, this should be done by someone who knows how to do this, as some plants do not like their roots disturbed at all.
For those with hedges that have lost their shape, this is the time to decide to bite the bullet – either cut the hedge drastically to ensure that it grows back straight and in shape, or uproot the entire hedge and start all over again.
The rainy season is our growing season, and a lot of the plants will grow quite fast.
Inspect the lawn for weeds. If there was a shortage of water during the dry season and the lawn developed bare patches which have been overrun with weeds, this is the time to start reclaiming the lawn and getting rid of the weeds. If however, the lawn is more that seventy-five percent weed infested; you may consider re grassing. But first of all decide how the lawn will receive water during the dry season before embarking on such an expensive venture.
The lawn however, may just have turned brown with no weeds. In this case, you will notice that the lawn gradually begins to turn green. A beautiful sight to behold.
Once the lawn has turned green, it would be a good time to top dress. This is the most effective treatment for lawns, as it improves soil quality, as against chemical fertilisers that have an immediate effect on the lawn, but no added advantage to the soil.

So what are you waiting for? Go out, inspect your garden and start weeding, pruning or dishing out instructions.