In the tropics, where Nigeria is located, we  have two seasons, the wet and dry seasons. However, in temperate zones, they have four seasons – spring, summer, autumn,  and winter. The temperate regions are in the spring season now; whereas for us in the tropics,  the rainy season is about to start.

As a sequel to our last post, it is necessary to give a few tips on lawn care during the rainy season. With the few rains we’ve had recently, the lawns have started ‘greening up’. Anyone who can apply the following tips, will definitely have a lush lawn.

This is time to top dress the lawn. This involves mixing equal parts of soil and well rotted cow manure together, and spreading on the lawn. For additional results, a cup of urea can be added to the mix. With the regular rains, this encourages fresh growth of grass, and the new grass that peeks out underneath the mixture with be thick, rich and green. The kind of lawn you want to lie on.

Before this is done, all weeds must be uprooted. The best way to do this is to get down on your hands and knees and uproot the weeds with a hand trowel. The roots and possibly the seeds, must come out. Otherwise, the top dressing will also allow the weeds to grow faster than the cultivated grass.

However, if you’re looking for a quick fix, application of urea will turn the lawn nice and green. However, after two mowings, the lawn will revert to how it was before. We usually only recommend this if the garden is going to be used for a party, and there’s no time to wait for the organic treatment to take effect.

During the rainy season, lawns with Portharcourt grass should be mowed weekly; axonoppus compressus (shade or water) grass should be mowed every ten days, and zoysia (carpet grass) monthly.

Make sure the blades of the lawn mower are sharp, and that the lawn mower isn’t set too low, to guarantee a fine turf.

Enjoy your lawn and please send us your comments about your success with top-dressing.