If you have been implementing all the ideas in our blogs, you should have a lovely lawn by now.

The plants in the garden should also be looking fresh with the increased attention and water they are receiving. This is now the time to take another  look around.

As you critically examine the garden, note the following:

  1. Is the garden too green or needs an injection of colour?
  2. Are there hedges or flowerbeds that either look tired, or are you tired of seeing the same thing?
  3. Your garden doesn’t excite you anymore.

In gardens, we have what we refer to as the structure. The trees, the flowerbeds, the borders and the lawn. It is possible to change the look of the garden without affecting the structure. Lawn areas can be reduced, and flowerbeds added. Mounds may be added using colourful ground covers, or flowering or architectural plants can be added to add character to the garden. However, in this post, we will restrict ourselves to adding colour to the garden.

In the tropics, we tend to have less of the low pretty flowering plants such as tulips, chrysanthemums and verbanas. However, what we lack in colourful flowers can be made up with colourful foliage.

A garden with a lawn and predominantly green shrubs can look as beautiful as one with colour, depending on the client’s taste. For the green garden to always look nice, it must be perfectly maintained. The lawn must be completely free of weeds, and the hedges perfectly trimmed for that crisp clean look.

Tired hedges and flowerbeds can be rejuvenated by trimming them very low, and the base mulched with well rotted cow manure. With regular watering, the hedge will come alive again.

Tired hedges can also be uprooted, and replaced with a border of flowering plants. At Omar Gardens, we prefer loose borders of flowering plants instead of lawns. Tall plants can be planted against the fence, and low plants around the garden.

We hope that the published photos will inspire you to make your garden exciting.

Colouful ground covers

Make a corner more interesting by adding colour on a raised bed

A combination of caesalpinia and queen of the philipines can be planted against a fence for colour

In our next post, we will be giving advice about adding punctuation to the garden.

Happy Gardening.