The lush colourful ground cover adds character to the lawn.

Just as a written piece can be marked or divided with punctuation marks to make the meaning clear, punctuation marks can also be added to the garden to give emphasis and to enhance style and structure.

In a written piece, a comma indicates a division in the sentence, or to separate items in a list. A comma can be added to the garden by breaking a long lawn with an island of flowering shrubs or low ground covers.

This verge was a plain lawn. However, the flowerbeds with the colourful ground covers add nice commas. They can be enjoyed without affecting the flow of the garden.


This fountain in the middle of a simple lawn is large enough to be appreciated from a far distance. A lovely, comma in the garden.

To add punctuation to your garden, you may add ground cover, or colourful shrubs  to the edges of the lawns. You may also try a water feature that will not take attention away from the garden, but will blend in and make the story more interesting.

Placing rocks strategically around the garden is also effective.

Using rocks at the base of established plants can cause a pleasant distraction.

An structural plant like the agave americana can be a beautiful addition to the garden.

I hope you enjoy punctuating your garden. In Lagos, we haven’t been able to do much gardening as it’s been raining for almost a fortnight. Consequently, most gardens are flooded, or the soil is water logged and unworkable.
It’s summer in the temperate zones, so I expect our readers to implement some of  these tips, and send us feedback about their success.
Happy Gardening!
Please use the tips in our post, and send in your comments.