It’s that time of the year again. Christmas!
The christmas holidays fall during the dry season and any rains that may fall tend to be brief showers.
To keep gardens looking fresh for the christmas holidays, it is very important to water regularly.

A lush green well watered lawn

Lawns must be watered at least every other day, if they are to retain their lush green look and bouncy feel. Watering must be deep, so that enough moisture can be soaked into the roots.
It is also important that lawns are watered either early in the morning or in the evening to prevent evaporation thus ensuring that the grass gets all the water.
The green lawn is now ready to host the barbecues and parties. However, once the party debris is cleared, the lawn has to be cleaned and watered thoroughly.


Garden Urn

Add that special look to the garden with potted plants. This way, the garden looks fresh and new. Potted plants strategically placed with LED lights used as highlights will enhance the garden.


Planters accents will jazz up any garden

Planters accents will jazz up any garden

We will share more tips on lighting as christmas approaches.
Happy holidays.