That’s our first rule about gardening. If it is difficult, don’t do it. Of course we don’t mean that you shouldn’t think outside the proverbial garden, or that you should be boring. And we don’t mean that you should cement over the space that you’ve set aside for your garden. That’s the one thing you must never do, a garden is chicken soup for the soul. There’s no better place to begin again, or solve a problem, or change the world (Isaac Newton and the apple!)

Once upon a time, a client came to us and asked that we install a lovely pond in her garden. We were excited about it. Ponds can be the highlight of a garden! Is there anything better than reading a book like Half of a Yellow Sun beside a cool water fixture like a pond? However, this client wanted her pond to be stagnant. We were appalled. To install a stagnant pond in Lagos, is to create a five star hotel of a legion of mosquitoes. You’ll have countries, clans, and extended families living in there! We could not allow it. This is what we call being difficult. If we installed that pond, her family would have been riddled with malaria!


We insisted on putting a pump in because mosquitoes flee from running water. Our client was happy, and so we were happy. We literally saved the day there. That’s what we do at Omar Gardens, we build gardens, we green the world, and we save days.