During the dry season in the tropics, which is our zone, there is little or no rainfall, humidity is low and we have bright, hot sunny days.

Interestingly, some plants such as bougainvillea show their splendor during this period. This is because the excessive sunshine during the dry season allows the roots to dry out between watering’s and this encourages profuse flowering.


Bougainvillea in all its splendour

Other plants that thrive in the dry season are acalypha hybrid, russelia, alamanda, cacti and cana lilies.


Cana lily


Cana lily

However, although these plants thrive in dry intense heat they still need care and the most important need during this period is water, otherwise, the plants will not survive. The solar intensity causes a lot of evaporation from the soil and evapo-transpiration from plants. There is a continuous need to replenish the water loss, hence the execution of regular watering, which should be done early in the morning while the sun is still weak, or late in the evening. Watering in the afternoon can be likened to drinking boiling water in the afternoon, and that is neither refreshing nor pleasant.

Plants being watered with an irrigation system

Plants and lawns being watered with an irrigation system. You can see the pop-up sprinklers. From the clouds, you can see that this is early morning.

So wake up early, while the dawn is still breaking and ensure that all the plants are watered. This is a very quiet time in most households, so you can get a lot of thinking done.

We have clients that have automated watering systems, so at the flick of a switch, pop up sprinklers come on, and flowerbeds are watered all at the same time.

So whether you are using a hose or a watering system…….just water.

Happy gardening!