My last post for the Omar Gardens blog really got me thinking about gardens. It was all about how gardens are lovely, and great for escapism, but I didn’t really tell you what it was about my garden that I found most endearing. If I was a lazy chap I’d say, “All of it. The grass AMAZING. The hedge AMAZING. The orchids AMAZING.” I’m not going to lie, all of those things are amazing, but as I’m a person, with likes dislikes, and various affinities that I cannot justify, some things are more amazing than others. I just can’t seem to love the entire garden equally. The parents among you will know what I mean.

Say you have two children, called Bonnyface, and God is good, that you love unconditionally, but yesterday Bonnyface decided that he was the caretaker of the open soak away, Can you imagine? And then the little charlatan came home looking and smelling like a gutter rat. Try as you might, the burning hot coals of your parental love will ebb, and for that moment you’ll prefer to forget about Bonny face and his orphan like behaviour and you’ll be crazier about Confidence. Don’t feel bad. It’s perfectly natural.


I have to say that one of the best things about my garden is the flame of the forest tree. There are a few reasons for this, and because I’m feeling generous, I’ll tell you why. Apart from looking like something out of the lion king, and the stunning red flowers that give the tree its very apt name, the tree is a mosquito killer! Yes! I kid you not. It’s quite effective at curtailing a mosquito infestation. You see, mosquitoes unlike human beings and elephants and tortoises, don’t live all that long. There will never be a mosquito that will torment you for a year. If you have a mosquito like that then the witches and wizards are at work, and you need to book yourself an appointment with your Holy Ghost Warrior pastor, your djinn defeating Imam, or your local witch doctor. In order for mosquitoes to continue pestering a household, they must reproduce. The Flame of the Forest’s flower seduces mosquitoes with its fragrant scent and its iridescent colour. The mosquitoes love it so much that they forget to find bits of stagnant water to lay their eggs in. Instead they lay their eggs inside the nectar of the flower. The eggs that are laid never hatch, and the mosquitoes that lay them can never escape from the sticky nectar. Although, it is necessary to note that the Flame of the Forest has quite large roots, so it can’t be planted everywhere. I only wish that it could, the leaves are small and pretty, the flowers even more so.

Anyway you look at it, it’s a win win. You get mind blowing beauty and mosquito killing efficiency all in one! That’s what I call two mosquitoes, one delightful stone.