All the expectations around keeping plants alive could be overwhelming: not too much water, keep away from sunlight, not enough water, keep them away from direct draft.

It almost seems like a tricky science trying to balance all what plants need to stay alive. Well, if you are not the one to be bothered by the onerous attention and care some plants demand, we share the top plants that don’t need you to stay alive.

Even when you neglect these plants for the sole purpose of killing them, they’d be up and photosynthesizing the next day.

Let’s dig in:

1. Dieffenbachia – Dumbcane

diefenbachia omar gardens

As a houseplant, the dieffenbachia cleans toxins from the air. It is especially effective in overcrowded, carpeted offices with inadequate airflow.

But the best part about the Dumbcane is that it’s your classic “plant and forget” sort of plant.

2. Mother in law’s tongue

mother in law tongue omar gardens

The Mother-in-Law’s Tongue with its bold and clutter-free lines makes it one of the plants of choice for architecture and interior design. But that’s not why you’ll be adding this to your collection. The reason is that this plant is surprisingly easy to please.

It can survive extended periods of neglect.  It is indestructible. “About the only thing that will kill a Motherin-Law’s Tongue is overwatering,” says the boffins at

3. Parlor palm

parlor palm omar gadens

The parlor palm is easy to grow and exudes a satisfying beauty. It won’t just survive neglect brought on by busy schedule, it is also square with dingy rooms. As a matter of fact, the Parlor Palm prefers low light.

4. Philodendron

omar gardens

There are many versions of this plant. But they all share the dogged ability to survive neglect – for a really long time.

Pro Tip: Plant the Philodendron in a hanging basket, or let it trail from a shelf, a trellis or a bookcase. It gives charm to a room.  

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5. Queen Palm


The Queen Palm is popular around offices and homes because of its stately aura which accents exotic and formal interior designs. But one more reason is because this Queen is a trooper. All it really needs is basic occasionally watering. If you can breathe, then you can keep the Queen Palm alive.

6. Schefflera

omar gardens

An undemanding plant, the Schefflera is a good beginner plant. They are popular around homes and offices because they are easy to care for.  They need watering only once in a while to keep them healthy and lush.

7. Togo Lily

omar gardnes

The Togo Lily is tough on the outside and tough on the inside as well.  It can grow to be as tall as six feet and survive long periods without watering as well as dry climate and temperature changes.

8. Yucca

omar gardens

The Yucca plant can survive anything from dry air to changing humidity and temperature. These guys are tough and they look it. The only thing that poses danger to them is overwatering. But you won’t have that problem. You don’t have time to water them!

9. Zamia

omar gardens zamia

This shrub-like plant with its semi-succulent stem is also called the Cardboard Palm Tree. That probably explains  why it can stay without water for so long. Zamia can survive neglect as long as it gets enough sunlight.

Do you agree our list? What other plants would you add?


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