This holiday, families will be adorning their homes with lots of Chinese-made fluff. Think glittery Christmas ornaments, bright Christmas lights, frosty glasswares,  faux-gold drinkware and more.

What is sad is all of these will head straight into a dingy backroom after Christmas to take up up space and create a habitat for critters.  If that was your plan, we’d like to recommend something else.

How about we glam up your home with some naturalness?

Some beautiful plants here and there, helping you to reduce the amount of Christmas glitters, metallic ribbons, and Scotch tape you drape all over your home.

You’ll make your home beautiful, soulful, functional, Christmas-appropriate and also keep the junk away.

Here we go:

1. Hang up some macrame planters


Macrame planters are a perfect replacement for decorative Christmas balls. Hang them up in whatever color – preferably Christmas colours. When the holidays are off, simply change back to whatever colours you like.

The best part is that you can do this at home. It’d be the perfect holiday project.

Learn how (Via Brit + Co)

2. Shelf some of your plants


(Via: Lonny)

We love the idea of plants on a shelf. Find and fill choice compartments of your living room shelves with ferns, succulents, and other plants.

If you want, you can paint-over the planters with colours appropriate for Christmas or simply make a bow around the planters.

Whatever you choose, you’ll have a functional decoration with (literally) a longer shelf life on your hands.

3. Corner shelves too


(Via: Style Caster)

You should not miss the functional decoration of shelved plants because you have a corner shelf.

Those L-shaped shelves work with plants just as well as regular stand-alone shelves.

4. Plants on a ledge


(Via: Beautiful Mess)

Put some plants up on your window ledge. You can have them on as many windows as you want. The tricky part is getting the crate.

Two options: you could build one yourself. Josh Rhodes over at Beautiful Mess published an exhaustive DIY lesson on this. Or you could have a local cabinetmaker do all the heavy lifting.

We’d recommend the former, though. As you know, we love to get our hands dirty.

5. A view made of plants


(Via: NY Times)

If your living room window does not show you a beautiful view, build up a jungle paradise to replace whatever lackluster view you have.

You can combine a collection of small pots and large pots on a desk high enough to draw attention and keep your visitors mesmerized.

6. Tiny Pots


(Via: Happy Interior)

Make an artsy garden vignette using a collection of tins or handmade pots. Think of old biscuit tins, hot chocolate containers, tea cups and such.

How are you adding plants to your home this Christmas? Share some of your pictures with us and we may feature you pictures on Instagram or in our newsletter.


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