Sometimes we’re so busy trying to meet deadlines that we often forget to take photographs during the process.

Also, because there’s a lag time between when we plant and when we can say the garden has arrived, by the time a garden has arrived, we’re steeped in the next project.

However, we do make an effort sometimes, and among many other projects, these were the ones that made our 2016.

We also did one in Abuja, but then again we were working so hard to beat the deadline that we were too busy to take photos.

We shall improve on this in 2017.


dolphin verge

This was titled our “Do it afraid” project.

It took a lot of grit to transform this swampy refuse dump to a garden.

Simple design for easy maintenance.


fildelity project

Turning a tight abandoned space into a pleasant courtyard.

This was done in collaboration with DOII


mindspaces project

Imagine our excitement when we were invited to design and implement a garden for a children’s museum in Lekki Phase 1.

This project still a work in progress; but we’re so proud of our efforts so far.


banana project

The highlight of this garden was not the lawn, but the different colours  we were able to display in the garden.

This was a fun project.


parkview project

Sometimes we design a garden and the finished work exceeds our imagination.

This garden is our pride of 2016.


cova project

We were invited to make the space on Mega Plaza roof more interesting, and we came up with this concept.

We’re really happy with it.

It’s been a great year so far because you allowed us to serve you. Let’s do it again in 2017.

Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.