When you make a mistake, there are only three things you should ever do about it: admit it, learn from it, and don’t repeat it.

We’d love to take the praise for that quote but it belongs to Paul Bear Bryant.

Yes, we know you love gardening, we know you can’t wait to hit the nursery and grab a new plant, and we are also aware of the nagging doubt you have concerning your ability to keep the little plant babies alive!

Let’s face it, it’s either no one is telling you the whole truth about caring for your plant or you are just not meant to care for certain plants. (cheeky! we know)

Well, neither of those is true of course, but we think we know the reason why you can’t seem to keep some of your dear little plants alive!

We’ve gathered here the most common plant care mistakes plant lovers make and we are so sure you will find your mistake right down here and place a check on it.


You might have to tone down the love you show to your plants in this regard. We get that you care, but you’re choking a living thing here!

This has got to be the most common plant care mistakes out there, the truth is there is a time to frequently water your plant until the seedlings and cuttings are well established.

But once you’ve gotten here, tune your watering can down on them.

This incessant show of love can eventually cause your soil to get waterlogged and rot the root system of the plant and once the root rots… it’s time to say goodbye to all your efforts!

To check this habit, always check the soil before you water it so you can see how moist it already is.


Still on the obsessive show of love here. It will help a great deal once you know that fertilizers contain chemicals that can cause what we call ‘fertilizer burn.’

Overusing these growth-enhancing products can eventually sadly lead to stunted development for your plants.

This is because using too much fertilizer can load the plant with too many nutrients and chemicals and this can lead you to say yet another goodbye to your effort and dream of seeing your plant flourish.

A way out of this is to try as much as it’s in your power to always go for an organic fertilizer brand and to use them sparingly.

Picking the wrong place for the plant.

We think we know why you’ve been having a low yield in your effort to grow vegetables like tomatoes. You’re starving them of sunlight!

You have to find out where certain plants are meant to thrive before planning on bringing them on board.

This will help you to know if you have to clear out some shades for them to thrive or plant some shades for them to thrive.

Vegetable, for instance, need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day. This helps in their growth and also in their yield.

Not paying attention:

“The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world” Dr. Paul Farmer    

We should remember that plants are living things, therefore they need constant attention. Too often we abandon our plants in some corner and by the time we notice or pay attention to them they’re either dying or almost dead.

Plants should be treated like pets.

Shallow watering!

We get that you might be busy or maybe you’re just trying to be careful with how much water you spray your plants, but there is a need to check if you are just giving your leaves a bath or are indeed watering your plant’s root.

Your plant takes in water through its root, when you water shallowly, you tend to cause your plant’s root to be shallow.

This can cause them to topple over and or wilt since they’ve not taken enough roots downwards to anchor them and draw up water from the lower layers of the soil.

While showering the leaves with water helps wash off the dust just as the rain would, take a great care on the root, they need it the most.  

Not considering the planting depth.

Not all seeds want to be buried deep into the ground, not all seeds want to be shallowly buried either. It will really help you to know that different plants have different preferences.

Here is a little cheat tip; the larger the seed, the deeper it should be planted!

However, be careful when planting and note that planting too deep might not allow your seed to take in enough air and sunlight and it might not thrive.

Sending away pollinators!

We get it, you can’t leave your eyes open and watch as insects eat off your efforts at gardening, this makes you rush towards the pesticides and you not only frequently pollute the soil, but you might also be sending away the good ones.

Not all insects are your plant’s enemies. Insect pollinators help in ensuring a good crop, tune your spraying down to the minimal level.

Using herbicides without check.

Weeds are pest-like in their appearance, you’ve gone through the rigor of picking the exact plants you want to see in your garden just for you to see some ugly leave rearing their heads without warning.

So you rush off and get you a herbicide spray it on and wait for the results, just as you were glad to see some weeds dying your precious plant start to fade away!

You might have picked the wrong day to spray the weeds. To effectively spray weeds avoid the rainy or windy days. Go with a sunny day it is a sure way to avoid runoff water from carrying them to your plant roots.

As a plant lover, we want to encourage you to learn from all these mistakes and not feel discouraged. You might think you’ve been making the most pathetic mistakes until you sit back and hear from others.

You’ll get some back-breaking laughter when you take a whiff of what others have been doing to kill their plants!

Here is our advice, know your plants before you plant them, that way you will know the best way to care for them. Plants just tend to have different preferences as mentioned earlier, though some of the tips given apply to all plants a few of them are plant specific.

Have a bright sunny gardening day!