Garden design is how you create layout plans for planting a garden and landscapes.

You don’t have to be a professional designer or call Versailles home to design a stunning outdoor garden experience. But we think you could use a little help.

Things to Consider

Before we get into listing our favourite 10 garden designs we think you should totally go for, there are key things you want to consider…

Your space /Location

How large is your space? Can you create a small or large garden with your current space?

Urban locations may require you different design style in contrast to rural locations.


The quality of your garden’s soil greatly determined the design you implement and its success. The type of soil determines the availability of water, temperature within the root zone, and nutrients. The soil type also ultimately determines the type of plant that can be grown in the garden


Taking into account boundaries such as hedges, fences, walls will help you decide on the design type to go with for your garden. These boundaries limit how far you can go with your garden design. You can also design your garden to create internal boundaries so as to break up your garden into smaller areas.


You want to consider if your surface is made up of wood chips, small pebbles, loose gravel, depending on appearance and feel you want to go with.

If you’re designing your garden space in an area with heavy foot traffic like public parks, you might want to consider using surfaces such as resin-bonded gravel – which is rarely used in private gardens.

Here are our Top 10 designs to try this season

Raised Beds

This is suitable for small garden spaces.

First, you build a bed. You can create a raised bed yourself with lumber, by creating a box for planting, and make provision underneath for tools storage.

Secondly, you add soil and plants to the box you’ve built. The soil used must have the ability to retain moisture in a confined space, since your garden is a container/box.



Thirdly, you want to protect your garden from beetles, squash bugs, and the likes. Planting marigold might do the trick as the scent keeps them away. Using Tomcat Animal repellents on plants also go a long way to chase animals away because they hate the smell of it.


Fourthly, make it look pretty! Adding knobs and handles so you can hang low garden tools and gloves and also planting birdhouses help to give your garden character.

Raised Planter

Ceiling Space

If you have limited ground spaces but still want to have a cute garden, use your porch ceilings. This design is definitely for you if you have a poolside lounge. You can simply display your plants in a low hanging basket from your ceiling.


Herb and vegetable gardens

This is everything you need for your kitchen. You plant these herbs in between palettes laid on the ground in segmented rows. Just be sure your palettes are safe for growing food before you go ahead to planting our herbs.

Herb and veg garden

Pile on pots

All you need are containers and potting soil. You can plant anything from tomatoes to wildflowers, to virtually anything! It is important to ensure your plants get enough water, sunshine, and healthy fertilizer for healthy growth.

You can design your potted plants to be succulents on shutters, as vertical planters, pocketed plants, etc.

Contemporary warm garden

This is suited or the minimalist who wants a garden.

contemporary warm garden

Gardening on your window sills.

If you’ve got a container, you can fill it with soil, and pack succulents into it, because these plants don’t grow quickly. The major thing to bear in mind to ensure you provide a good drainer.


Gardening in container

Rock gardens or xeriscaping

If you want a garden that does not need much watering, this is a must try. You can even reserve the rock garden for the sunniest and driest spot in the garden. Granite rocks, stones and pebbles can be used to add texture to the garden.

Recycle garden

We’ve been doing this for years. We use old rain boots, biscuit tins and containers for planting. We respray some and have ended up with eclectic gardens