We have gotten a lot of feedback from you about starting a vegetable garden and a lot of you have said that you don’t think you can do this because you don’t have the space or the time.

Neither of these should stop your dreams of having a beautiful garden in your home. If you don’t have the time, just contact us and we will send our personnel to your house for a token fee, or we can train your staff to look after the garden for you.

vegetables and herb garden


Spaces are great but a lack of them could also be a plus in gardening as you get to work with a smaller space and could get all your creative juices flowing. You can grow your vegetables and herbs on your windowsill or porch, if you like, you can lay them out on your entryway.

Here you will discover 10 vegetables and herbs you can grow in that small space of yours, dig in!

Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes

These tiny sweet tomatoes make the first on our list because…, well they are sweet and easy to plant. They seem to love just about any place you can place them in; beds, pots and you can even let them climb your fence.

They don’t hurt the eyes either.

All you need to make this dream come alive is a bucket or pot, some mechanism to have them climb on say… a cage or a railing, good soil, plant food and a location that gives the plant at least 8 hours of direct sunlight.

Water every two or three days or everyday for hot weather and you are done!


Garlic bulbs

One of the miracles of nature; plant one clove of garlic and get an entire bulb!

Planting your own garlic keeps you from consuming all the extra sodium in garlic salt, plus it’s really fun digging into the soil to harvest your own garlic. Try it!

To plant your own garlic, you need a very sunny location, and a well drained soil. If you get all this right, you are on your way to a plenty harvest!


Most people shy away from getting cucumber seeds into the soil because they love to spread themselves when given the chance.

Fresh Cucumbers

Watch your cucumbers grow in a pot by giving them a place to climb. You could also make this process more effective by planting the compact or bush varieties.



Most peppers grow up and not out this means they grow high like trees and not wide like tomatoes, this makes them a go-to for your small space gardening.

You could tuck them in a corner in your garden or have them in a pot on your patio, either ways, bell peppers and other small varieties of pepper really are a go-to for your small size gardening.

To achieve the best results, invest in a well drained soil and water your plants often, you can start from seed on your own and transplant after a few days.

Runner beans

A big container, a makeshift wigwam frame, and a seed of runner beans and you are set for a few dinners.

Runner Beans

This plant is also really fun to watch as it grows, your kids might find it quite interesting. Plant a seed per pot not more than 2 inches deep,the only attention your runner beans needs is water (who doesn’t?), and weeding.



Fresh Basil Leaves

Why stick to boring packaged spices and herbs when you can grow yours?

There really is nothing like clipping fresh basil leaves from your garden and sprinting back to your kitchen to add it to whatever you are cooking.

With a well-drained soil in a container, you can have an additional plant on your windowsill right beside your cherry tomatoes.

You can sow basil from seed or simply propagate by placing a cutting of basil that is yet to flower in water, you’ll be surprised how fast it roots! You can transplant it to wherever you decide to plant it then.



This herb doesn’t just smell good, its needle-like appearance makes it attractive and flowerlike.

Planting Rosemary in a pot requires a little technicality but the end result is worth every care you give to it.


To plant this herb, you would have to place it in a sunny location and you need to be particular about the container you decide to use since the rosemary herb needs enough space for its root to grow and expand.

Drainage is also important because the herb would rot in soggy, poorly drained soil.



This onion family member performs the miracle of multiplication just like Garlic its cousin. Just one set (immature bulb), planted in the soil develops into five or six shallots! (Great!)

You can plant your shallot the same way you’ll plant your garlic. (After all they are family)

The word out there is that they are much sweeter than your regular onions!


Although lemongrass plants take time to grow, you get the rewards in due time. Once they grow, you have your own personal supply of Lemongrass tea, medicine and some special dishes.

Lemon Grass

With good moisture, a decent drainage system, and constant spraying of the lemongrass leaves, you are all set for your own potted plant of tea!


Spicy hot ginger tea is not just relaxing, it’s everything!
Ginger roots grow horizontally so no matter how small your space might be, you would need a space wide enough to accommodate the roots, a wide plant pot would do.

Ginger Root

Your ginger plant would need light watering, a warm space and just enough light not too bright with all these you have yourself your own spice cum tea special!

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