Sometimes when you think of gardens, you have illusions of grandeur. You think of the Ikoyi club golf course, the Kensington Palace Gardens, and even the hanging palace of Babylon. You think of expansive lawns, and sprawling fields. You think of gigantic 100 year old trees like the ones that you sometimes see in old Ikoyi. After doing all that thinking, you look at your tiny compound and shake your head. You don’t imagine that you can do anything with it because it is simply too small, and this is where we come in. God put Adam and Eve in a garden for a reason. It is hugely important for our welfare as human beings that we are within nature’s reach. We maintain that there is no space that’s ungreenable.

A garden can be planted anywhere.

If you haven’t got space for a fence lining hedge then why not make the fence the hedge? That’s what this ficus pumila creeper (aka wall creeper) does, it climbs along your walls and covers them with it’s luscious green leaves. It’s also brilliant for security because a burglar would never be able to tell that you’ve hidden barbed wire, or broken glass within the foilage. It’ll guarantee a flowery punch every time!


With flower beds it’s even easier! All any shallow growing plant needs is a little rich soil, so in this case we designed and welded little planters then we attached them to the front of the building in the picture. We planted variegated bougainvillea because we knew that it would fall beautifully. IMG_2533So stop making excuses, and go get that garden of of your dreams.