The health mandated lockdown has been tough for everyone. Most of us have been spending time alone, working from our homes. The Omar Gardens team isn’t exempt from this. We’ve seen days bleed into one another, differentiated only, by the news flashes on television filled with rising numbers of the dead, the infected and the recovered. It’s been a heavy burden to bear, especially mentally. 

As a result of the global slow down and evolution of the thing we call life, we’ve been paying very close attention to our plants, and their incredible stories. Each of them has a story. In the past, we were so caught up with the daily business of greening Nigeria one client at a time, that we didn’t check in with our co-workers. This has changed. Going forward, every so often, we’ll be giving you updates on how our green friends are living their very green lives. So without further ado, we give you, the first edition of our original series we call The Green Lives of the Omar Gardens Plants.  

Monsterras like Bosé, range from N 7,000 to N 15,000.

We’d like to introduce you to one of the plants that works for our company, Bosé, the Monsterra. Bosé used to be reserved, quiet and diligent, but ever since the holes in her leaves came in (just one of the features that makes plants like her so irresistibly beautiful, she’s become a very annoying attention seeker. 

Just this week, she came into the office shouting GREEN LIVES MATTER up and down the office. How truly tactless of her! As a result, we’ve sent her to HR for sensitivity training. We know that green lives matter but that isn’t the focus of the conversation we’re currently having about race relations.

Furthermore, there’s a way to raise awareness for your plight in life, without taking away from someone else’s struggle. 

We’ll give you an update on Bosé next week.