House plants, be they in pots, or in gardens, didn’t start out that way. In the beginning, once upon a time, in the past, they were out in nature. Some of them had homes in grasslands, and some of them built leafy strongholds in rainforests. As a garden enthusiast, you can’t ever forget this because this tiny bit of information holds the secret to being a gardening genius. The essence of gardening is simulating the conditions that best suit your plant children, just like actual real life parenting!

A lot of plants that thrive indoors are forest dwellers, that’s why they don’t need as much sunlight as your savannah dwellers. Many forest originating plants that aren’t trees have another special quality, you could call it a super power. They have the ability to climb other plants so that they can improve their access to sunlight, and break beyond the dense canopy. When they climb, they grow fantastically! That’s how an Ivy may grow as tall as an iroko tree or a mahogany tree, and those are some tall trees. 

So what does this mean for you? 

Many of us don’t live in forests so we can’t provide these identical conditions, but what we can do is mimic them. We can provide our climbing plants with Moss poles so that they have the opportunity to climb in a controlled manner. Moss poles are exactly what they sound like. They are sturdy poles coated with moss or natural fibres. These work really well because the moss provides texture that’s easy for your climbing plant’s aerial roots to attach to. When this happens, they’re truly able to thrive. Their leaves grow broader, and the entire plant glistens with health. 

Moss Poles can be bought (drop us an email:, DM us on instagram: @Omargardens, @omarnursery, or they can be built quite easily. And if you’d like to do that, watch our video tutorial at the top of the page, or follow our PDF guide below.