We nurture nature

One thing we’ve learned over the past year is how much people appreciate plants. When things were at their worst, and everyone around the world was locked down, social distancing and working from home, people turned to plants like the thirsty turn to water. It was a bombastic botanical boom! And with that surge, came a rush of new plant mothers and fathers in need of advice about how to raise their green children. At Omar Gardens, we fielded so many calls, comments, and enquiries that we almost became a call centre. This inspired two changes in house. 

First we set up our nursery, a little haven for plant lovers in Lagos. At the nursery we’ve got plants and garden accessories for sale, but we’ve also got attendants, teachers, who our customers consult with when they’ve got issues with their plants at home. 

And now, we’ve set up the Omar Gardens Youtube channel to show you audience how to garden in our climate. On our channel we’ll be sharing the gardening knowledge we’ve accumulated over the 30 years we’ve spent nurturing nature in West Africa. You can’t grow a garden by simply turning it over in your mind, some times you need a teacher to show you the way. We’ll talk about everything from design to maintenance and of course there’ll be How Tos as well! 

If you’ve got any questions about gardening in West Africa, then it’s a must see. Visit and subscribe to our youtube channel here!