One of the most exciting things about nurturing nature is the knowledge that there are trees we’ve planted and spaces we’ve created that will outlive us. We’ve been able to do this for the last 30 years because of our awesome clients. To celebrate them, we’ll be telling the stories behind some of the gardens we’ve created so far. 

In Lagos there are few places as famous as Dolphin Estate. It’s got such a rich history. It was one of Ikoyi’s first gated communities. Instantly recognisable for its unique architecture, you would be hard pressed to find someone within the State that hasn’t heard of it. It is home to about 2,104 households. 

For the past 20 years, Omar Gardens has been part of the Dolphin Estate story. In the year 2000, the Orchard, a company in Lagos, was thinking of doing something good for the Dolphin Estate community as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility drive. They wanted something subtle, a Square Garden at the entrance of Dolphin estate to delight the community’s residents as they came in and out of the estate; a hello and a goodbye from nature.

We got to work instantly. We planted spider lillies, a variegated ficus hedge, and trimmed the existing trees on the square. The result of our collaboration is a Lagos landmark that has provided joy, shade, a place to gather, and crabs. 

When we created the garden, we were expecting the space to be appreciated by people, and it was. But to our bewilderment, it was also appreciated by land crabs. For some reason, they find the spider lilies delicious. At the moment we’ve reached a happy equilibrium. We’re helped in no small part by members of the local community who enjoy eating the crabs. 

We’re grateful for the opportunity to have given Lagosians and the Dolphin Estate community a little piece of nature.