Happy Customers

Happy Customers

Thank you Mrs Odiachi. For blessing me with this awesome space. We spent Christmas here

I contacted Omar Gardens when building my property to design and implement the garden. We had many consultations on the garden design and I was pleased with the design. The garden when planted however exceeded my expectations. From having that garden, I have learnt a bit about gardens, and although I have decided to maintain the garden myself, Omar Gardens are always available to inspect and advise whenever the garden needs. I would definitely use them again.

I will like to use this opportunity to thank you for what has in all turned out a beautiful garden which owes key elements of its characters directly to your ideas. I want to assure you also of my understanding in the initial hiccups of the project.

Please drop by any time you are around VGC to see my beautiful garden. I have now large collection of orchids (Vanda) blooming on the “designers wall” of the fence.

I have been a great lover of plants and the great outdoors for as long as I can remember. When we moved from our bungalow, with the well manicured garden to our penthouse apartment, I needed to bring some of the ‘green’ in. Healthy plants, beautiful gardens and lawns have always formed an integral part of my life, decor and business.

Working with Omar Gardens, we have successfully brought the ‘green in’ in stylish and innovative ways. I am surrounded by beautiful, exotic, healthy plants in the most aesthetically crafted planters. Not only does Omar Gardens not let you down, they just keep getting better! All they need is a simple idea as to what it is you are trying to achieve and they sort the rest out. And it doesn’t end there! They also offer a maintenance service so my customers and I are left with no work at all, except to lean back and enjoy the beautiful view

Omar Gardens created our garden. They began when our home was still a construction site. When the project was completed we were so pleased that we asked them to help maintain it as well. It’s been a few years since all of this happened. The garden has matured and we are more delighted with it than ever. Omar Gardens has created a beautiful oasis.

Omar Gardens supplied plants and installed a living wall at COVA, rooftop Mega Plaza. We’ve had our ups and downs; but in the end we’re always pleased with the results. I have recommended them to other contacts and they haven’t disappointed

My Garden was designed, constructed and birthed by Omar Gardens. I love my garden – my little oasis peace, but it’s still a work in progress as we all lovingly tend it daily. I will definitely go back to Omar Gardens for my garden needs.

I just want to thank you for the spectacular work you guys have done at the restaurant. It was way beyond my expectations! You seem to have captured my vision for the gardens there and have created a serene atmosphere that compliments that concept of the restaurant.(Even matching the colours of the plants to our building!!) Many people have asked me who did the gardens and i have recommended you unreservedly. Thanks again and God bless.

I contacted Omar Gardens to restore my lawn as I was not happy with it. They assured me that I would be happy with the lawn by the time they were done, and I am very pleased with my garden. It was tough; but they made it happen. I would therefore describe their service in one word “Fantastic”.

We gave Omar Gardens a task that we knew would be difficult to implement. We asked them to install a 1500 metre square roof top garden on our Kuramo Beach Residences property in Eko Atlantic. At the time we were very concerned that the site would be too windy to support what we had in mind for the garden. In the end, the project was executed both on time and efficiently. I enjoyed working with Omar Gardens. On my next project, they’ll be getting a call from me.

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