Get a Garden Design

We also offer a customized design package for a token fee of N10, 000.00. This gives you a garden design with details of all the plants and the cost. This service is restricted to gardens not exceeding 1,000sq.m.

How to order your garden design

Step 1: Complete the questionnaire, and submit

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Is the project a new garden or garden renovation?
What is the approximate size of the garden area. Just give us an idea of the length and breadth.
Do have any Concerns? (i.e. Pets, Disabilities, Allergies?)
Is there a preference for a formal or an informal Garden?
What plants do you consider a must have for your Garden?
What other garden accents do you like? E.g. Stones, pebbles, rocks, water features.
Your color scheme
Reasons, if any
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Is there anything that you did or did not like about your previous Landscape Contractors?
Exact Amount
Are there any pictures of gardens that you really like and would like us to consider in the design process. (Attach the link or send the images).
Please add any desires that you may have that were not mentioned in Our questionnaire?
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Please provide a copy of your Site Layout (showing how your house sits on the site. OR A sketched layout, and possibly a picture of your current Garden space.

Step 2

Send sketch or site plan to

Step 3

Confirmation email and invoice with account details will be sent to you.

Step 4

Drawing and bill will be sent within 2 weeks