Ifeyinwa Ighodalo

I have been a great lover of plants and the great outdoors for as long as I can remember. When we moved from our bungalow, with the well manicured garden to our penthouse apartment, I needed to bring some of the ‘green’ in. Healthy plants, beautiful gardens and lawns have always formed an integral part of my life, decor and business.

Working with Omar Gardens, we have successfully brought the ‘green in’ in stylish and innovative ways. I am surrounded by beautiful, exotic, healthy plants in the most aesthetically crafted planters. Not only does Omar Gardens not let you down, they just keep getting better! All they need is a simple idea as to what it is you are trying to achieve and they sort the rest out. And it doesn’t end there! They also offer a maintenance service so my customers and I are left with no work at all, except to lean back and enjoy the beautiful view